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Please Read.
« on: October 06, 2011, 03:04:14 PM »
While only Fluffy Ferret Forum members can post in here, this section is a "Public Section", which means that people who are not members of the "Fluffy Ferret Forum" can view any posts in here.

Please make sure that any posts made in this section do not contain any information you would not be comfortable making available to anyone.

When posting about a found ferret in this section, only put the bare minimum information and no pictures, so that you put the onus on the person claiming the ferret to give you the correct information.

As a guide for found ferrets, just put

Date Found
Rough Location of where found
Basic Colour

Things like the Sex, Size and distinguishing marks, along with neutered or not should be left to the person claiming the ferret to tell you, and not posted.

You are of course welcome to discuss the found ferret in the normal "Fluffy Section" as normal, as this is still members only.

Notes for people who have lost a ferret..

Make up some flyers, with your details and the ferrets detail on. Drop them through all the letter boxes with in your vicinity. Make sure you say how friendly the ferret is, so people know no to be scared of it, and tell them that they can call you at ANY time to collect. Ask them to check gardens, garages and sheds.

When I lost one of ours, I used “word” to make up a "lost" note. I got 6 on a page, 2 columns of 3, printed them out, and cut them into individual notices, and then literally posted them through 300 doors in our neighbourhood. I put a description, and how friendly he was, and how desperate we were to get him back, with my Mobile, saying we would come instantly if they found him and called us. That was nearly a year ago, and I still get people who see me in the street, and check to see if we got him back. which luckily we did.

You can also offer the local kids a tenner if they bring her back alive and unharmed, nothing like a bounty on her head to get hier back. Only downside is you may end up with one or two extra ferrets they may "FIND"

Put up posters on lampposts, and in local vets, also if you have any local pubs speak to them, people do talk about that sort of thing in Pubs.

Ring round the vets in your area, and the RSPCA. Also check out any Rescues, as ferrets are often taken straight to a rescue by the RSPCA.

Take one of your other ferrets out for a walk on a lead in the evening, just as it is getting dark. This might make the other one come out of where ever it is hiding. It will also leave a scent trail the lost ferret can follow to find it’s way back, coupled with people may see you walking it, and it might just get them to talk to you, if they remember seeing one recently.

Put a cat carrier or waterproof box outside your door, with some unwashed ferret bedding in it, and some food, so the ferret has somewhere safe to return to.

Contact your local radio/paper to advertise the lost Ferret
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