Author Topic: My georgeous Flyte. the last of the 3 white witches  (Read 1502 times)

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My georgeous Flyte. the last of the 3 white witches
« on: August 12, 2019, 11:32:33 PM »
Today was one of those days, where the weather reflected the way the day was going to go...

We got up, and as usual, I made Flyte her medicine, but this morning, she was not interested. I decided to just give her a cuddle, and see if she would feel up to it after a bit of time to wake up.

It started raining hard outside, 25.7mm of rain in an hour. There were two large claps of thunder, Thor was obviously looking to meet up with a great Warrior, but Flyte pulled my hand in tighter, and snuggled in. Apparently, if Thor wanted her, he could wait until she was ready.

I tried her a couple of times with her medicine, but she made it very clear she was not interested, and just wanted a cuddle.

After a while, she just laid still, and while looking content, resting her head on my hand, sitting silently, cuddled up in my arms.

There was a third clap of thunder, and shortly after this, she decided that Thor had waited enough, and she was going to go with him, and meet up with all the other great Warriors who have gone before her.

She made it to 7 years, 17 days, and had lived with us, for all but 3 of those days, coming to us a 3 day old kit, along with the rest of her family. She is the last of the 3 white witches, Snowey, Megan and her, and all I can say, is Thor is going to have his hands full when those 3 get back together.

I was just going back through some of my posts about Flyte on here, and even though I am sitting here heart broken, I had to smile several times reading them, as I was reminded of some of the antics her and her 2 companions got up to. Practically every one involved her being cute to me, and winding Suz up one way or another.

She was a climber from her early days, always wanting a cuddle from her daddy!

She was also tiny, never being a ferret to put on weight, and easily fitted into this tissue box.

She tested my "Ferret Proofing" often finding ways to places others could not, like the surface in the caravan.

But mostly, and best of all, she was my "little Daddies Girl", who really enjoyed days out, and walks with me.

Sweet dreams Flyte, I am going to miss you so much.  :adore:

I hope you are enjoying being back with your Mum, and Aunty as the 3 White Witches again, and also having a blast meeting up with your other Brothers and Sisters.

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Re: My georgeous Flyte. the last of the 3 white witches
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2019, 12:29:42 AM »
Flyte, daddies girl, passed away in his arms today, there was no other place she would rather be.  :cry:

Reading through our old posts on her just shows a snapshot of just what an amazing and mischievous life she has. In fact reading through it roles reversed she would be dancing on my grave and certainly taking my side of the bed! :adore:

I will always remember her curled up in his hood sticking her tongue out at me, and nibbling me whenever she thought he wasn’t looking.

We try to always include ferrets in everything we do, where we can, and it’s made some wonderful memories and hopefully a full and varied life for Flyte.

She is the last of our pink sausages, mum Megan, Dad “Toby”- lerone,  Aunty Snowy and brothers Reject and Picnic came today to keep her company. The 3 witches are reunited, there’s going to be magic now.

Until we meet again gal, I’ll look after him as best I can till we are all together again.

Thank you Megs for the privilege, I’d do it all again.

About 6 days old, having been here 3 days, as a pink sausage. :kiss1:

One of mums socks is convenient on a caravan trip.

Cuddles of course.

Poppet and Flyte cuddles

How I will remember Flyte always.

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Re: My georgeous Flyte. the last of the 3 white witches
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2019, 02:04:46 PM »
 :cry: Oh guys, I am so so sorry, in tears myself now. Bless you Flyte. sleep well little one x  :fuzzyhug: