Author Topic: 5 Ferrets Stolen in Lingfield, Surrey  (Read 1162 times)

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5 Ferrets Stolen in Lingfield, Surrey
« on: January 05, 2017, 11:23:20 AM »
Taken from a post on FB - these are my Tweasle's parents and family. They were stolen on Sunday night/Monday morning.

"Unfortunately the members of the darker side of our community ransacked our ferret cage on Monday night and stole all our ferrets!! They even took my husbands new carry box.
They took 2 albino hobs, 2 Sandy Jill's (one of which is blind in one eye) and 1 polecat Jill. Apart from one albino hob they are all on the small side.

Our kids are absolutely devastated and are beside themselves so please any info would be greatly appreciated.
There is a cash reward offered on their safe return.
We are in the Lingfield, Surrey area. Many thanks"

Here is a photo of two of the ferrets stolen - an albino hob called Greasy and a chocolate jill called Sandy - they are Tweasle's parents.

Please keep your eyes peeled for any info. These will most likely be described as micro ferrets or small working ferrets if sold on.
Any information gratefully received.

It is believed they have been taken to use for next few months to work and may then be dumped or sold on afterwards but it is possible they may breed them and try to sell the offspring in early summer. These offpsring will be a mixture of sable, chocolate and albino and a range of sizes.