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Suspected CD at NEFR 2014
« on: October 03, 2014, 09:56:11 AM »
I have copied this over from Gillian at NEFR .. Still only suspected and they are awaiting test results :(
Gillian Betts
October 1 at 5:03pm
I never wanted to have to say this again, but it appears we have a strongly suspected case of canine distemper at the rescue. We have sent swabs off yesterday, hopefully we will hear by the end of the week, if not early next week.
The main two points to take on board are that 1) none of the ferrets that were boarded out are affected, the symptomatic ferret came across from Cramlington on Thursday and developed symptoms on Sunday. He had been at Cramlington rescue for a month before coming here, and all appeared well, so none of the fosterers are at any risk. 2) the vaccination programme means that the majority of ferrets have been vaccinated, those that havent are the oldies or those with health issues, so at the moment we hope to keep it very contained. All those ferrets that came back over the last couple of days have now been vaccinated i.e Mias two and the two from Rachel.
I cannot begin to tell you how devastated we are. We are quarantined on both sites, obviously. Luckily, other than Sunday we have been quiet with the weeks holiday and no rehomings so that has helped immensely, I am contacting those who we saw on Sunday. Obviously we do not know whether the show will go ahead, we need to wait for confirmation from the swabs before we can officially decide, but prepare that we may have to cancel.
This seems to reaffirm that CD is always still there. Please keep your furry friends safe and give them all a hug from me.
If you have any questions re the vaccination status of ferrets that have been rehomed, please contact me via PM. The admins were alerted last night, thank you for your support xxxxxxxx (