Author Topic: Welsh Ferret Club, final show of 2012 on NOVEMBER 10th  (Read 2258 times)

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Welsh Ferret Club, final show of 2012 on NOVEMBER 10th
« on: November 05, 2012, 04:30:56 PM »
Welsh Ferret Club will be holding our final show of 2012 on NOVEMBER 10th at:
St Dyfrig's Church
Mid Glamorgan
CF37 1DB
Blind Judging with hall opening at 9.30 for registration and Judging starting at approx 11.00am (Registration CLOSED when judging begins)
CLASS 1 ~ Albino Hob
CLASS 2 ~ Albino Jill
CLASS 3 ~ Polecat Hob (Sponsored by SJB Stone & Brick)
CLASS 4 ~ Polecat Jill (Sponsored by SJB Stone & Brick)
CLASS 5 ~ Sandy Hob (Sponsored by Exmouth Ferret rescue)
CLASS 6 ~ Sandy Jill(Sponsored by Exmouth Ferret Rescue
CLASS 7 ~ Silver Hob
CLASS 8 ~ Silver Jill
CLASS 9 ~ Other Coloured Hob (Sponsored by R & D Doyle)
CLASS 10 ~ Other Coloured Jill (Sponsored by R & D Doyle)
CLASS 11 ~ Child Handler
CLASS 12 ~ Kit Hob
CLASS 13 ~ Kit Jill
CLASS 14 ~ Veteran Hobs & Jills
CLASS 15 ~ Disabled & Not Quite!
CLASS 16 ~ Best Welsh Ferret. Hobs & Jills (MEMBERS ONLY)
CLASS 17 ~ Ferrety Members (MEMBERS ONLY)
Membership for 2013 will be available along with half price membership for the end of 2012 (can be used for this show but expires on 1st Jan 2013)
Raffle and food/drink will be available at the snack bar.

This is an open ferret show, so anyone can attend. You do not need to be a WFC member to join classes, but two classes (FERRETY MEMBERS and BEST WELSH FERRET) are specifically for WFC members only! Hope to see you there
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