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CD Upminster, Essex
« on: November 14, 2011, 11:50:46 PM »
Please note, these may not be confirmed, and are for your information only. If you live in these areas, it may be worth checking with your own vet to see what the latest information is.

Posted 14/11/11

There was a report of a couple of ferrets having to be put to sleep because of CDV in an Upminster Vets, but nobody seemed to actually know where it came from..

As we were boarding ferrets from the same area, we pointed out to the owners when they picked them up about the risks, as they had not heard about it, and were not on any of the forums.

We received an Email back from them containing the following..

"Just to let you know that I spoke to the vet in Upminster and he did confirm that there had been some local cases of CD. He said that he had not seen a case in 12 years and didn’t understand why suddenly there were so many. Anyway I took them both down on Saturday and got them injected so thank you for making me aware of it."
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