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CD Dudley, West Midlands
« on: November 02, 2011, 01:48:31 PM »
Please note, these may not be confirmed, and are for your information only. If you live in these areas, it may be worth checking with your own vet to see what the latest information is.

Posted 02/11/11

Dudley, West Midlands -  Dinhara a friend of Michelle's (WFR) yesterday had ferrets showing symptoms of CD at her home.  She had visited Michelle's on 15th (before the 4 ill ferrets were diagnosed) with one ferret in a working box, the ferret never left the box in the kitchen BUT is one of a group of 9 that are now showing symptoms, 7 are kits.  1 ferret vaccinated in the group with 1 vial nobivac hadn't shown symptoms as of yesterday.  Swabs have been taken but it will be 5-7 days before the tests come back from those.

Updated 03/11/11
Info straight from Dinhara

Ok just to put the record straight! I had three ferrets in the working box, she started showing signs (the rash) around he 22nd! The other two in the working box have shown no signs until Monday this week! There are 10 in the group, all are now showing signs except Percy who is vaccinated!

Updated 28/01/12
Posted by Tina on behalf of Dinhara Walters

Percy survived distemper despite being in the first group effected, I lost 10 unvaccinated ferrets to distemper but 25 unvaccinated ferrets survived n are all free from symptoms! It's been 4 weeks so we think it is all over, two more weeks n we can get swab tested to prove it!!!!!
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