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The Rainbow bridge / Re: Sweet Dreams No-Lion
« Last post by star on September 01, 2020, 07:18:24 PM »
So sorry guys  :fuzzyhug: I know we have been expecting this but it is still heartbreaking.

Sweet dreams Lion.
The Rainbow bridge / Sweet Dreams No-Lion
« Last post by lazy-ferret on September 01, 2020, 03:54:23 PM »
I have had to sit on this for a couple of days, as I really am not sure what I can write, that will do him justice.

When Lion came to us, we had gone to the rescue to get a couple of ferrets as a belated birthday pressie for Suz, as our numbers had dwindled right down to just 8 ferrets.

Somehow, we came away from the rescue with 6... Still not sure how that happened.

Lion was with his brother Chewit, and they were a right pair of monsters, and a bit nippy, but they wanted to play continually, and looked like they would be so much fun and liven up the house. The other deciding factor was their size, Chewit was a huge beenie boy, and Lion was one of the biggest polecat hob we had ever seen, he even got stuck in a 4" soil pipe, and we had to go out and get some larger tubes, as he loved playing chase in them with his brother and the other two beenie hobs we got at the same time.

They were all monsters, proper young hob ferrets, with a zest for life, and now they had a home, nothing was going to slow them down. We actually could not wait to get them neutered, in the hope it would calm them down a bit, as 4 full on hobs was definitely a handful (Lion on his own was already a handful). The Rescue had said they would get them neutered, once they were old enough, so we returned them one evening, so they could go to the vets the following morning with a couple of others from the rescue. That night we put them in one of the rescue cages, with wood shavings, and no soup or raw chicken to go to bed with, and left them. This was a bit of a shock after becoming used to the fleece bedding, and free roam they had here.  I told them that it was their own fault we had returned them, as they had been such monsters...

The next day, in the evening, we went to pick them up, and they literally came running to the doors of hutch, just at the sounds of our voices, and were so happy to see us. I wish I could say it gave them better manners, but these guys were unbreakable...

Lion became one of those characters, always playful, never stopped nipping if he thought he could get away with it, and weirdly, the most gentle treat taker we have ever had. We found that we were saying "No Lion" so often, he actually started to come to us, when we said "No". "No Lion" became his name for most of his life, well, the polite one you could say in public anyway.

Over time, we have had a few Polecat coloured ferrets, Badger, who was awesome, then Curly, Wurly, & Galaxy, who we thought were all the devil's personal demons, but I think the Devil decided to prove we knew nothing of demons, so sent us "No Lion".

Lion spent his life, thinking up evil plans, far too many to mention, and they were so frequent, I don't think we would even be able to remember all of them anyway.

He dug holes in the garden... all the time, and if you piled up grass cutting or leaves, he would just spread the pile back out, he lived to get into the shed, and hide from us. If you got on your knees to do any gardening, you were just asking to be attacked, with no mercy shown.

Lion in the garden, with Chewit.

He got onto the table, and from there, the window sill, throwing stuff all over the floor, plus ripped the net curtains. He climbed up the Welsh Dresser, to get to the treats.

He could jump the longest distance, daily, jumping the 3 foot from the sofa to the coffee table. If he did it from where we sat, he knew we would stop him, so he would go right down to the end of the sofa, and jump from there, sliding across the table and knocking everything over. If we popped out of the living room, and left a cup of tea on the table, he would knock it over, many times we were worried he had got burnt, only to have him war dance away from us, very happy. :war: He was obsessed with the camomile tea bag in Suz's cup, and would literally fight you to get it, not in the least bit worried about any casualties on the way.

Out of nowhere, he would grab your trouser leg, and rag it, then disappear before you could look down and catch him. Leave an elbow over the arm of the sofa, and Lion would jump up and bite it.

This is an example of how Lion has to wreck things, we put these across the pond to stop the heron getting the fish... watch till the end.

The funny thing was, he caused so much trouble, that he was always in our thoughts. We would be out and spot things that Lion would love to wreck, or spot things that we would want to buy, just to wind Lion up. Nerf guns, water pistols, ping pong guns, you get the idea. One day we spotted a pet Santa Suit, and the words "Dare" and "Lion" were uttered...

Don't worry, he got his own back...

He loved to go for walks on a lead, but he was not a safe ferret to let anyone else pet, as he always had his teeth at the ready.

On the camp site we like to go to, there are 2 large lakes, and Lion regularly fell in, while sniffing along the banks, much to my delight.

Nothing was safe from Lion, Suz's handbag...

Try and sit down with some strawberries and Squirty cream... come to that anything with squirty cream, he knew the sound it makes and was there before you have even finished the first squirt!!!

Even when out, squirty cream was not safe.

We did discover that Lion also has his own Traction Engine

Sadly, earlier in the year, Lion started loosing his fur. We initially thought it was a bad moult, but it got to the point he had bald patches. The Vet was at a loss, as he was not showing any of the adrenal symptoms and his "bloods" showed nothing amiss. He also developed a cough, so after trying a few things, he was given an ultrasound, and a large mass was found nestled between his Lungs, and his Heart... This was the first time I had seen any evidence that Lion actually had a heart.

Owing to the location, it was decided that the chances of him surviving the operation, were very slim, and they thought he only had a couple of weeks left. We decided to let him live out his life spoiled, and basically allowed to get up to all the bad things he was used to doing. As the time went on, he lost all his fur, and was a totally Pink demon for the last weeks of his life, which just as expected, he refused to listen to the experts, and made it another 8 weeks.

I don't want to remember him as the weak pink lad he became, so I had to save this picture till last, it's about the only picture of Lion being cute (asleep), but it does show him in his majestic Polecat coat, ready to reap havoc on the first unsuspecting thing to pass by. That was "our" No-Lion.

Sweet Dreams Lion, you were true to your evil ways from beginning to the end, and I will miss not having to sort out what ever mess you created next, but to be honest, I am so glad you went in my arms, when you did, as it was heart breaking seeing you become so helpless, and un-Lion-like.

I think it goes without saying that you will be having a ball at the Rainbow bridge, I just hope there are enough Angels up there to clear up after you. I have visions of you climbing the Rainbow and then jumping off, just for the fun of it

:cry: :kiss1: :adore: :angel1: Lion  :angel1: :adore: :kiss1: :cry:

The Rainbow bridge / Re: Sweet Dreams Chewit.
« Last post by girly-lazy-ferret on September 01, 2020, 01:18:12 PM »
Chewit, it was such a shock to lose you I didn't reply, but I miss you each day and your crazy dances at me when ever I cleaned the bird bath or did anything.

I’m never sure where to start with these, this is a complete shock, we have recently been told that Lion (Chewits mate) was terminal and to enjoy our time left, so I thought Chewit was sad, picking up on this, but when we rushed him as an emergency into the vets today struggling to breathe we always look on the bright side thinking we will be queuing up the pill bowls,, but no , our choice was let you go to sleep or you suffocate as the vet showed us the growth that was across your airway, about to block it completely, if he operated you would not be able to eat or drink, not really a choice, just completely unexpected.

Where ever there was Chewit, Lion would appear, and where ever there was Lion, a Chewit would appear and it was a case of one would try to be the angel while the other was being devilish.

This lockdown has meant we have had quality time, in Chewits case there have been evening snuggles  there is a specific soft cardigan I wear he loved to move into. And the other day he had a snuggle while I was reading in the garden. Thou it also has it’s downside of you didn’t get a nice long welsh walk, and boy to say you loved them was an understatement, you danced, dooked and played, and were one of the happiest ferrets ever walking around our site in wales, and then having snuggles after.

I’m trying to take heart in he had a fantastic life, walks, garden time, and snuggles if he chose. I will miss him at various points during the day he would curl up on the round bed by my feet, and I could stroke him but no man handling.

Chewit and Lion, Always together.  :angel1: :angel1: :adore: :adore:

I miss you Chewie Louie, definitely a loved life. Keep an eye on us Chew.

Always helpful

Chilling on holiday in the van

Chewit and Lion, Ying and Yang, loved the little bed beside me on the sofa.

Well it had to be done...

The Rainbow bridge / Re: Sweet Dreams Topic
« Last post by Lee on July 28, 2020, 06:39:02 PM »
 :cry: DIP Topic.  Poor little boy. Gonna miss reading your adventures and  mishaps  :laugh: .
2 very lovely posts about him.
So sorry for you loss, hope your ok.
The Rainbow bridge / Re: Sweet Dreams Topic
« Last post by girly-lazy-ferret on July 27, 2020, 05:39:33 PM »
Topic was chosen by Poppet at Harrietsham ferret rescue from a large group of 24 youngsters that were handed in. On the day it was almost like Poppet said thank you, as we admitted while we adored her we couldn’t keep her as an only ferret group and so the house group began again.

Topic was the most amazing albino boy ferret, he was mum to new ferrets, Toffee, Sherbet, Peanut and then Fuse and Boost the latest sandy boy pair. He kept an eye on them, showed them the ropes and put them in their place if needed but he was the completely safe ferret. He saw lots of ferrets as they came in or moved about for whatever reason, looking after Snowy, Megs and an ill Reject over time, to name just a few, everybody loved him.

We needed to remember that while Topic literally adored us and living his life with us, he was unsafe to other people which was easy to forget as he was just so amazing with us. And we have never known a ferret so scared of vets, literally waking up screaming, even thou the vets saved his life. But after that we would never leave him.  :adore:

We used to have to make a game plan between us on how to get into the front bedroom, because as soon as he heard the door close he knew it would have to open again, so we had to be ready to swoop and move. Or he would disappear into what is lovingly known as the store room. He would go dancing off knowing we wouldn’t tell him off. :laugh:

Topics soul mate is Bourneville, we will have to wait and see how he takes this, but he did know Topsy was very poorly.  :cry:

He developed a “habit” each morning while we were getting up he would come up and have cuddles off of either or both of us, milking it rolling over, paws over his face, he would then demand some of our bedtime drink, I do mean demand it, still determined to have it right up to a day before.

When Topic was diagnosed with his heart problem back in October 2019, the vets thought a couple of months, it’s safe to say he did his very best to be with us as long as he absolutely could until today 26th July 2020, is just amazing, he had an absolute passion for his life here.

I’m feeling hollow and sad just now, having lost 2 big characters this week, but I do know when I look back on our posts and memories, they are part and parcel living their lives with us, incredibly happy in our quirky family. Where we could cater for their quirks as well, we work well as a team.

I suspect Topic and Aero will be natural leaders of the pack up there, and I have this vision of them all greeting us some day, and until then, guiding us through.

Topic and Bourneville - always.

A theme to these sleep photo's

The Rainbow bridge / Re: Sweet Dreams Topic
« Last post by lazy-ferret on July 27, 2020, 04:58:50 PM »
Thanks... We have some very subdued ferrets (& humans) today... 
The Rainbow bridge / Re: Sweet Dreams Topic
« Last post by star on July 27, 2020, 03:07:04 PM »
Sweet dreams darling Topic with "the Git" you were one of my favourites to read about your mischief.

Although I knew this was coming, its still brought me to tears. So sorry Clive and Suz, he was such a little star.  :fuzzyhug:
The Rainbow bridge / Sweet Dreams Topic
« Last post by lazy-ferret on July 26, 2020, 11:18:54 PM »
Today, Topic (AKA Topsy-turvy, Topsy) decided the time had come to go to the Rainbow Bridge... As you all know, it was not unexpected, but he has been such a fighter, he has lived a lot longer than anyone expected. He gave up fighting it this morning, and passed away in our arms at 2.30 pm.

When Topic first came, he was literally got as a friend for Poppet. He was a Beenie boy from the rescue, who had come in as a group of 24 kits. He was 16 weeks old, and to be honest, was the best of a bad bunch, e.g, he bit the least of them all, and did not beat Poppet up.

We got him home, and Poppet loved him, as she could play like a kit with him. A couple of days later, the guys from the rescue came over with Bourneville, the 16-week-old pure polecat who Poppet also loved to pieces, and seemed to immediately hit it off with Topic... It's a bit sad to think back, because Bourneville was such a beauty, and Poppet was such a star, poor Topic took a bit of a back seat for a while, even when they went to be neutered, the vets all said Topic is sweet, but Bourneville is just fantastic. Despite this, they all became really close, and all slept in a tight huddle becoming best friends forever.

Luckily, Topic, being a Beenie boy, realised that no matter what, they always seem to earn a spot in our hearts, so packed up the biting, and switched to giving kisses... On top of that, he decided he was going to be the group clown and earn a place in our hearts...

At food time...

Then after, flat on his back, cleaning his paws..

When we got Topic, we had a ferret called "Galaxy", or more often "The Git"... He was my nemesis, his entire life was spent trying to get one up on me, but even Galaxy never went as far as Topic, in his ability to wreck the place... Topic managed to throw 5 full height sliding Mirror wardrobe doors down the stairs. To say it was a disaster is an understatement, as it took out not only the mirrored doors, but smashed the banister, wrecked several stairs, took several pictures off the stairway wall, and embedded most of it in the front door, making it impossible to open. With shattered glass and wood everywhere, and our shoes on the far side of the wreckage, we were desperately trying to pick through the debris to make sure no ferrets were trapped under it all... You can read his story here.

Basically, Topic had arrived, never to be a back ground ferret again...

He was slightly loopy, he would take flying leaps at you, often from nowhere, which meant if you were walking towards where he was coming from, he would end up hitting you hard, or if you were walking away, he would crash to the floor. He gave the most amazing kisses, but if you had bare feet he would attack them mercilessly.

Another thing Topic liked to do was get into the bath as the water was running out, swimming for a bit, then snorkelling once his feet could touch the bottom. Unfortunately he grew out of this, but every night, when we got ready for bed, would insist on being put in the empty bath and playing in a water container we had in there.

Over his life, we have often made him out to be a bit daft, but he was actually a very clever little guy. He would watch you walk to the front door, and knew that if you picked your keys up, there was a potential escape attempt coming. There are also a couple of rooms in the house, where ferrets are not allowed. He would hear the doors to these rooms open, and know that if you went in, you would have to some out, so would wait by the door, and rush in, just as you opened the door to come out. Many times we never even saw him. We did start to use this to our advantage though, as if he was asleep somewhere in the house, and we were not sure where, we would open and close one of those doors, and wait for him to come running.

Topic was never a good walker, but did like the occasional day out with us. We discovered that while he had learned not to bite us any more, for some reason he was a demon when it came to anyone else touching him, and could never be trusted to let anyone else stroke him. Fortunately, on the times we did take him out for a walk, he would walk when no one else was around, but as soon as he heard or saw other people, he would climb up into my pocket.

In early 2018, he was very ill, and we honestly thought we were going to lose him. He spent 4 days and nights at the vets, and the conclusion was they think he had some sort of Adrenal disease, but this had none of the symptoms we would normally have recognised as being AD. Luckily, after a lot of care, and the Deslorin implant, he got better, but the whole episode, with his already huge distrust of other people, and what the vets had to do (sub-cuts), meant that he was so scared of the vets now, and would literally cry when we had to take him back for check ups. For many weeks after, he would have night terrors, and wake up screaming.

Sadly, at the end of 2019, we discovered he had a heart problem, and he was put on various heart drugs, plus a diuretic, and given a couple of months. Fortunately, he had other ideas, and while suffering a couple of strokes, and at least one heart attack, he went on to have great fun for another 10 months.

Topic had many fantastic qualities, but the one that we will always remember the most, is his willingness to take in new ferrets, especially kits, and "mother" them, teaching them the ways of the house, and doing a great job of teaching them some manners as well. He welcomed in Mars, Magic, Kit, Kat, Lion Chewit and Humbug, then later Sherbet, Toffee, and Peanut. We really do think that the reason he lived so long with his heart problem, was he needed to make sure that Boost and Fuse were ready to take on the world, and help make them into the gorgeous little 14week old monsters they are now.

Topic with Boost.

While Topic was scared of other people, and had a heart problem, he was as brave as a lion when a fox came in the garden, and he thought little Peanut was in danger. We lifted this video from the security cameras of him seeing the fox off.

A few other pictures and video's of this special guy.

Topic with Sherbet and Toffee when they went for their first ever walk outside.

This is a video of Topic playing with Suz in the caravan.

A video of Topic playing in the snow.

and another playing with Poppet in the snow.

This is Topic and Flyte arguing over who is going to drive..

Topic sleeping on our bed.

This last picture taken sleeping between us on the Sofa last night.

Topsy, while I am very very sad to see you go, I am also slightly relieved. I know that the last couple of weeks have been very hard for you, and there were a couple of times, that if it had not been for the problems going to the vets this Covid 19 has created, and knowing how much you were really terrified of them, we would have taken you in to make your passing a bit easier. But maybe a bit selfishly, I really did not want to have to live with the idea of you being put to sleep, terrified in a strangers arms. I wanted you to go, surrounded but the people and ferrets that loved you with all their hearts.  I hope you can appreciate that, and I hope we made the right decision.

I know you have so many friends waiting at the bridge, including your Poppet, who will be so happy to see you again. Until we all meet again.

:angel1: :adore: :cry: Sweet Dreams my little Topsy-Turvy.  :cry: :adore: :angel1:
The Rainbow bridge / Re: Sweet Dreams Chewit.
« Last post by star on July 22, 2020, 06:55:10 PM »
So sorry  :cry: DIP Chewy.
The Rainbow bridge / Sweet Dreams Chewit.
« Last post by lazy-ferret on July 22, 2020, 05:52:39 PM »
We had a nasty shock today...  :cry:

Chewit has been a bit down the last couple of days, and we had assumed it was because he knew how things were progressing with his brother, Lion. Last Night, he seemed very "flat", but I woke him for his night-time soup and raw meat, and he got up and went to the bowl as usual. Today, as normal, we let them out to play, which always starts off with everyone running over to where the treats are kept, and begging for one (or three), but he was not interested. This is unheard of, he is normally the ring leader for the group, only being surpassed by the two girls in their determination to make you get up and get them more.

He went out into the garden, but was still acting weird, so Suz picked him up for a cuddle. It was then she noticed his breathing was very laboured… It was like he could not breath in... we rushed him to the vets, where they discovered he had a large tumour on his larynx, which was stopping it from being able to open properly. The vet said that there was nothing they could do, and he would basically asphyxiate very soon, and the kindest thing was to put him to sleep.

To say it was a shock, is an understatement, we both thought it would be a chest infection, and I would be adding him to the list of ferrets currently taking their medication 2x a day, never one to miss out on the chance for a treat!

So I am sitting here stunned, trying to think what to write for a guy who has been a huge larger than life character in our family, while to be honest, I am sitting here feeling very numb.

Chewit came to us at the end of 2016, when he was about 5 months old. He was a BOGOFF with his brother, "No-Lion"! To be fair, it may have been the other way round, as he was the Beenie, and we have always loved Beenies, especially Beenie boys. He took us away from the traditional "Chocolate" theme of names, to start including "Sweets" as well... Chewit could not have been a more fitting name for him, although a lot of the time he was called "Chewy", or "Chewie Lewie".

He was weird about cuddles, preferring to lay beside you, or in a fluffy bed by our feet, but there was a cardigan that Suz would wear in the cooler evenings, and Chewit would always get on the sofa beside Suz, and pull the tails of the cardigan around himself, making a little nest, and spending the entire evening there. He also liked to lay on the cushions in the caravan, by Suz's shoulder.

He was a bit quirky, he would kiss you, with no worries at all, but could not resist biting your hands when the mood took him. He would be all playful, rolling on his back wrestling, then suddenly his eyes would glaze over, and he would start biting harder and harder. We never did manage to stop him from doing this.

Chewit was very close to his brother, but he had a huge soft spot for Reject, and really looked after him, as he was getting older and when he was diagnosed with Terminal Cancer. He would cuddle up to him, and keep him clean.

Chewie always had the softest coat, and was pure white, not the yellow-white most Albino boys are. He was fantastic, and loved going out on the lead. He was always very entertaining when we took him for a walk as he would dash around all over the place, often seeming to forget we were there, then acting all surprised to see us.

He always played the clown, making us laugh a lot, which more than made up for his bad nibbly side. Here is a video of him playing in the Christmas Tinsel with Mars.

Sleeping beside us in the caravan.

Wrecking the mat in the caravan

Catching a nap while out on a walk.

I am lost for words Chewit, I knew we would have to comfort you, when Lion passes away, but you have completely caught me of guard passing away first and so suddenly.

I know ferrets are good at hiding illnesses, but this was just unbelievable. You were still being your normal monster self just a day ago, biting that bit of flesh between the thumb and finger, and dancing off, like it was the best thing in the world. You were helping in the digging of the huge tunnel by the French Windows.

I am going to miss having you lay in my arms on your back, while I vigorously scruffle your back and head, making you lick the air, and do the mega cute paws over the face, and I am definitely going to miss your running round with a treat in your mouth, "Yipping" at anyone who got near you, even though they had their own treats and were not interested in yours.

Have fun at the Rainbow Bridge, back with Reject and Snicker. Please also find a nice spot, ready for when Lion comes up as well.

:angel1: :adore: :cry: Sweet Dreams Chewit. :cry: :adore: :angel1:

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