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The Rainbow bridge / Re: Poppet, Poppsickle
« Last post by lazy-ferret on October 11, 2018, 11:29:27 AM »
Thank you so much Mel, at the moment we are very raw, it's so hard to even come on here as the first thing we see is her post.

She was so much part of our daily lives everything we do just keeps reminding us of her.

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The Rainbow bridge / Re: Poppet, Poppsickle
« Last post by darkqueenenlightened on October 09, 2018, 07:16:12 PM »
Oh no not Poppet  :cry: I'm so sorry guys, she was such a lovely little thing and looks like she was overflowing with character and little quirky ways.

It sounds like she passed away completely unexpectedly and I understand how it feels to blame yourself for a fuzzie death, still not over the fact that Tank managed to get hold of an Ibuprofen on my watch.  The only thing that helps is remembering how much of an amazing life they have had.  All our ferrets are the lucky ones and are so absolutely loved by us and spoilt rotten that even if they are taken away from us suddenly you know that they have had the absolute best of lives possible.  She sounds like she was incredibly special and wouldn't want you to feel sad or guilty, I'm sure she'd try and steal a sock off you for even thinking about being sad.

Hugs to you both  :fuzzyhug:

DIP Poppet you gorgeous girl x

Events / Re: Harrietsham Ferret Show
« Last post by darkqueenenlightened on October 07, 2018, 06:50:28 PM »
Looking forward to this :) who's going? x
The Rainbow bridge / Re: Poppet, Poppsickle
« Last post by lazy-ferret on October 06, 2018, 11:15:26 PM »
I have no idea how to write this, it's still not really sunk in that she is gone, I keep expecting her to bounce up to me and demand I play with her, or to hear that familur sound of the bins opening, and things moving around on the surface as she helps herself to treats.

Poppet was totally unique, and special way beyond any written words... She pulled "cute" off better than any animal I have ever met, and her name really was perfect for her, she was a Poppet through and through.

From the day she arrived, she was a real cuddly bundle of joy, climbing into our arms, and cuddling right in to our chest, like she needed to feel and be at one with our heart beat. She turned up at the most opportune times, always ready to give a cuddle when you were feeling down, or unwell, or "just because".

Don't let this fool you though, she was also a monster often getting up to no-good, and then relying on her cute face, and a kiss to get her out of any trouble. She was a demon when you had socks on, attacking your feet mercilessly, enjoying making you dance, then when you could take it no longer, and picked her up to stop it, she would cuddle in, like that had been her intention all along.

She was so much a part of our lives, always there, racing us up and down the stairs, or bouncing across the bed when the alarm went off, or for that matter any time a phone made a noise while we were in bed. Before we could go to sleep, she had to have a drink of our bed time drinks, then some ferretone, before going off to find a place to sleep.

In the morning, she had to have another drink of what was left of our bed time drinks, and woah betide if you had drunk it all... once that was out the way, she would inspect, and attack every item of clothing as we tried to put it on.

Once we were dressed she would either get a lift downstairs, while having another drink of what little was left of the bedtime drink, or more often race us down the stairs, belting behind the front door curtain, and then attacking that as we pulled it open. After the curtain was thoroughly beaten up, she would run to the back door, and demand to be let out into the run, then once in the run she would run backwards mouth open wide all over the place, threatening to attack us, while we opened the door out into the garden.

Once in the garden, she would invite (demand) you to play for a few mins, until the other ferrets had woken up enough to take over.

From then on, she would power nap until you were next within range, where she would demand cuddles, or treats, even being the only ferret that could get up onto the surface and get her own treats if we were running too slow for her liking.

She loved the caravan, and I think she saw that as her home, and the house as the place she went on holiday. She walked on a lead, but would often come up and give you a cuddle, before getting down again, She loved the spoils of days out, being a connoisseur of cream, and well rehearsed in the best spot to get it.

This is the video:- Playing with the wind chime

She was so tiny, she could get into places the other ferrets could only dream about..

This was the last picture I just happened to post on Twitter of her, the night before she died, and I think this really is how I will remember "Poppet". :adore: :adore:

Sweet dreams Poppet. :cry: :cry:

Can I ask just one more thing, please go and find Aero for me, and thank him from the bottom of my heart with one of your amazing cuddles, for sending you to us in the first place. He set a very high bar for you to live up to, but I can honestly say you made it with style.

I can't even start to tell you how much I am going to miss you, between you and Aero, you have taken a huge part of my heart with you to the rainbow bridge.

 :angel1: :adore: Poppet  :adore: :angel1:

The Rainbow bridge / Re: Poppet, Poppsickle
« Last post by star on October 06, 2018, 06:39:47 PM »
Oh guys  :fuzzyhug: Poppet was such an adorable little thing. So sorry for your loss  :cry:
The Rainbow bridge / Poppet, Poppsickle
« Last post by girly-lazy-ferret on October 05, 2018, 10:33:32 PM »
In a terrible accident that I won’t go into on here, I find myself writing about Poppet and I don’t know where to start.

She changed my life from the moment she was placed into Clive’s arms while we were away having just experienced the loss of Aero.

I say placed it was more the chap tipped her out of her carrier and she just looked up and Clive and cuddled in. She got on with the others and then in true ferret way it didn’t last, so we found ourselves with Poppet and the selfish side of me fancied her as a take everywhere only ferret, however it didn’t take me long to see she needed a sparring partner and so we found ourselves off to the rescue where she was greeted with a team of miscreants and she chose Topic a white albino. Soon after the arrival of Topic we were gifted Bourneville, and Flyte was here before them all and voila we had our morning greeting motley crew.

A lot of mornings we would be greeted with an amble across the bed to try and wake us up, and then while we were getting up shooting up and down the hallway hiding behind the bathroom door and leaping out at us, managing to make us laugh before the first cup of tea.

She would demand some sips of our bedtime drink preferably both at bedtime and then in the morning.

Morning, noon or night, if you happened to be wearing socks she would get your attention by just wrapping her mouth around it to let you know she is there, but well it would be a bit harder if she was playing. But she never bit, she didn’t know how to, but she liked to practice but in reality, this was nothing more than play. However, if you had bare feet you were totally safe, my theory on this is because when we got her we were away in the summer and barefooted a lot.

She used stealth mode to get up on the kitchen surface where we keep their treat tin, where either Clive or I would have left her a treat out of course, and she liked to help herself to our jug of water kept by the kettle.

When we opened the backdoor she would belt out and make the most of the damp grass before playing and exploring, recently most days I would pop out and ruff and tumble with her just for a few minutes until she got distracted by Topic.

You changed my life girl, I love you and no matter what you will be with me each day travelling this journey together.

While I appreciate accidents happen, it turns my stomach and hurts in so many ways this is my fault and I’m not sure if I’m ever going to come to terms with that. I’m privileged for the time we have together and never took it for granted a single moment, she could be as mischievous as she wanted as she knew I would stand up for her.

We’ll update this with some of the many photo’s of our black eyed Poppsickle.
The Rainbow bridge / Re: Reject.
« Last post by ken-godwin on August 30, 2018, 08:47:45 AM »
So sad when we have to say good bye but Reject had a good life and went when he was ready to go.
You can't ask any more than that.
The Rainbow bridge / Re: Reject.
« Last post by star on August 29, 2018, 08:49:20 PM »
 :cry: :cry: Sweet dreams beautiful
The Rainbow bridge / Re: Reject.
« Last post by girly-lazy-ferret on August 29, 2018, 02:48:25 PM »
Even though it was a short ferret life, Reject taught us so much, and was truely integrated in these last months.

Everything we do seems to be a reminder of or for him. Like making our breakfast and using the time while the porridge heats to prepare his soup and meds. He even sat in our arms as he had to see what was going on when we went about normal life so popping to home bargains, possibly their first ferret visitor.

It feels empty and I miss him so much but that's the way it should be for a life well lived. :cry: :angel1: :cry:

He'll be keeping an eye on us with his mum Megs, dad Toblerone, and brother Picnic no doubt. Until you and the crew come to meet me again little lad.

The Rainbow bridge / Reject.
« Last post by lazy-ferret on August 28, 2018, 10:14:54 PM »
Despite being given 3 days to live, he fought the odds, and after 5 months of living his life to the full, poor Reject finally passed to the Rainbow Bridge on the 26th of August 2018.

In the last 5 months, he has had an even larger impact on our lives than he did when he turned up here as a 3 day old kit, ranging from giving him his medication, to the regular feeding him soup, as he could no longer eat solids, to making sure he was kept clean, since he could not lift himself up to go to the loo, although he never failed to make it to the puppy pads we put down for him. Chewit was an absolute star, and took it as his roll to look after Reject, licking his chin clean after soup, and going out of his way to find Reject, where ever he was, and cuddled up to him.

As you all know, we had a few times, where we thought he may be ready to pass on, but every time, he managed to rally round, and wondered what the fuss was about, giving us some more time. The week before we set off for our regular visit to the Great Dorset Steam Fair, he was going through a bad patch, and we knew things were coming to an end, but we did not want to put a time limit on his life, which trying to squeeze it in before we went would be doing, so we decided that we would take him with us, and then depending on how things were, sort out the vet visit when we got back. He had several good days, then on the Saturday, was a bit weird, and was not very interested in his food.  By Saturday evening, he was cold, and we spent the evening cuddling him and made him a hot water bottle, then he asked to go to bed, so I put him in with Chewit, and he looked happy. The Sunday was a terrible day, it was raining very hard, and quite cold, so after waking up at 7am, and checking on him, we decided to have a lay-in. By the time we were ready to get him out of the cage at 11am, he had passed away.

Over the last 5 months, we took him every where with us, and he got to explore so many places, I am sure the other ferrets thought he was senile and making up stories, when he told them of his adventures. Most times when he was in the car, he would sit on Suz's lap, or in her arms, so he could look out the window. We put a puppy pad in the foot well, and he would ask to be put down on it, if he needed the loo. There were many people amused at the ferret looking at them when we were stuck in traffic. Often, he would sit there staring at me driving, and could not understand why I was just sitting there, and not continually fussing him.

Whenever we were sitting on the sofa at home or in the caravan, he would sit next to us, with his head and shoulders on one of our thighs, and we would sit there absent mindedly massaging his back and neck for as long as possible, till one of us needed the loo, or a cup of tea, where we would shift him, onto the leg of the other person. It is feeling very weird not doing his meds, making his food, and having a cuddle, especially now we are back home in familiar surroundings again.

Reject came to us as one of Megan's 6 "little pink sausage" kits, which we collected for Harrietsham ferret rescue, at 3 days old. They were all supposed to go to the rescue, but as we had never had kits before, we persuaded the rescue to allow us to bring them up. Then when old enough, they were supposed to all be re-homed, so we were told not to name them, otherwise it makes the re-homing much harder. When they were old enough to be re-homed (an almost impossible thing to do even without names), we started finding homes for them. We had decided to keep one hob (Picnic) and one Jill (Flyte). Picnic unfortunately died very young with heart failure, but every time people came round to pick from the other kits, the same one was always rejected, and left behind. Somehow, we started referring to him as the rejected one, then he started coming when we said reject, and by then, he had a personality, and a name, so we had to keep him, and his name stuck as Reject.

He was always a character for his whole life, and loved walking at any opportunity, and when he walked with his dad, they would play or bounce on each other, or pull on each others leads, going mad, and always giving us a nice fun filled walk.

He was such a perfect PR ferret, who you could give to anyone, provided no-one ever put him near their face... He never gave kisses, apart from one time, when Suz's really annoyed him, by not taking him for a walk, so he gave me a kiss on the chin, as a point of principle, for the rest of his life though, if you put him up to your face, he would bite your lip or nose.

He loved his raw meat, and soup, and he developed a habit, that no matter where he was asleep in the house, if we had a Pizza delivery, we often order some BBQ chicken, and as soon as we started eating them, he would arrive, and demand that I gave him the gristle off the end of the chicken bone. He knew there were 4 bits of chicken, and would always come back for all 4 bits.

Reject relaxing with Caramel in the caravan

:angel1: :adore: Sweet Dreams Reject :adore: :angel1:

 :angel1: :adore: We had you from 3 days old, and you stayed with us for only 6 short years & 1 month, but between you, your mum, dad, and siblings, you taught us so much, and gave us such a huge amount of Joy. :adore: :angel1:

:angel1: :adore: heaven has gained a special star.... :adore: :angel1:

Thank you so much for going peacefully, and not putting us through having to take you to the vets one last time. You were a true gentleman, but we already knew that.

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